Sales Skills for Service Engineers

Compared with Sales people, Service Engineers enjoy a completely different relationship with customers. A customer will tend to be more open with a service engineer as you are there to help resolve an issue, so they can get on with their work. But this familiarity can also lead to problems. This 1 day course will examine those issues and demonstrate how a service engineer can modify their behaviour to facilitate the sales process.

  • Who will benefit:

    • Service engineers with regular customer contact
    • Service Managers

    What you will learn:

    • How best to represent the company and build rapport.
    • How to take on the role of Ambassador.
    • How to network and identify prospects.
    • An overview of the sales process.
    • How to qualify the customer.
    • Why updating the CRM is so important and what to include.
    • How to demonstrate and present to best effect
    • Selling benefits not features.
    • How to integrate with and become part of the sales team.
    • Understanding how a sales person thinks.
    • Appropriate body language and listening skills.

    Course Tutor: Huw Thomas