The Psychology of Managing People

People stay motivated for longer and produce better work when job specifications match over 65% of underlying behavioral preferences. This 1 day course will reveal how you as a Manager can get the best from your teams, recruit those best suited to the team and improve your leadership skills.

  • Who will benefit:

    • All sales & commercial management staff who wish to enhance their relationships and results with customers as well as colleagues & staff.
    • Those who are tasked with company recruitment, restructuring or change management programmes.

    What they will understand & practice:

    • ‘Speed reading’ behavioural types
    • Choosing words, tone of voice, pace & body language to match behavioural types
    • Anticipating behavioural preferences & adapting their approach to best meet those needs
    • Being comfortable using a range of behaviours outside their ‘comfort zone’
    • Managing relationship ‘tensions’: avoid triggering the ‘threat detector’ (or the inappropriate response)
    • Spotting behavioural ‘gaps’ in teams: which cause imbalance & dysfunction
    • Valuing individuality; using behavioural preferences to team advantage

    Course Tutor: Celia Randall