The Psychology of Selling

This 1 day course looks at the psychology of the sales process and illustrates how you can get to understand your customers better. Remember, customers don’t buy because they are made to understand your product, they buy when they feel understood.

  • Who will benefit:

    • All sales & commercial management staff who wish to enhance their relationships and results with customers as well as colleagues & staff.

    What they will understand & practice:

    • ‘Speed reading’ behavioural types
    • Choosing words, tone of voice, pace & body language to match behavioural types
    • Anticipating behavioural preferences & adapting their approach to best meet those needs
    • Being comfortable using a range of behaviours outside their ‘comfort zone’
    • Managing relationship ‘tensions’: avoid triggering the ‘threat detector’ (or the inappropriate response)
    • Matching product benefits to customer behavioural preferences

    Course Tutor: Celia Randall