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Employee Engagement and Feedback

  • It’s often said that Management is largely about creating order from chaos. Trying to make the right business decisions based on what is often very limited data. This is where Insight Personnel’s surveys and opinion polls can help.

    We focus on personnel surveys within client organisations to provide data on employee attraction and retention. Typical examples include;

    • Mood and morale
    • Employee engagement, commitment and motivation
    • On-boarding surveys – what attracts new employees to your company?
    • Leadership surveys – how well is your management team performing?
    • Feedback on events or training
    • Performance assessment – confidential 360° feedback
    • Custom surveys
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An independent, confidential survey conducted by a third party brings impartiality to your survey results and reduces bias among the respondents. Working closely with you, we can design and host questionnaires and later analyse the data obtained to provide greater insight which means better business decisions in your company.

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