Boutique consultancy offering a portfolio of specialist recruitment services

  • At Insight we’re keen to develop long term relationships with the people we work with. We don’t simply recruit and walk away but see this as a journey where we can help with the development of the people, teams and organisations we support.

    Motivation – often discussed, seldom understood, but inextricably linked to performance of individuals and teams. Using Motivational Mapping we can identify what motivates us and crucially, how well motivated we are and what actions we might take to improve or maintain motivation.

    Engagement – there are many international studies that suggest employee engagement is as low as 15%! As a team leader, when you understand what motivates your team members you can develop reward strategies that motivate and engage people. Imagine what that might do to your reputation as a manager!

    Communication – using the DISC Personality System we can identify the differing behavioral traits and communication preferences among team members. This insight among team members can improve understanding and reduce differences, improve recruitment decisions and develop tomorrow’s team leaders. We also facilitate feed-back from employees or customers via Surveys and Opinion Polls adding a level of information which can be vital for business decision making.

    Team building – bringing Motivational Mapping and DISC together we help client companies and team leaders develop stronger, higher performing and better engaged teams.