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    Organisations are often faced with a range of challenges associated with personnel. If your company has an HR function, you should be well placed to deal with such challenges. But if not, you’re exposed to a variety of business risks that in the worst case, can result in time consuming and costly legal action.

    Insight Personnel can help you balance the needs of the business with fairness to employees and compliance with employment law. We provide information, guidance and a helping hand so you can focus on your business while navigating what can be complex issues. Our services can be ‘light touch’ via telephone support or we can provide a more direct, hands-on management of the necessary procedures. The latter naturally involves the transfer of knowledge and skills to the business owner or line manager.

    There are several key areas where we can help;

  • HR Services P
  • Succession Planning

    • Identifying the key roles for succession planning
    • Identify known timescales e.g. retirement or promotion
    • Define skills and competences
    • Identify potential talent and skills gaps
  • Recruitment and Selection

    • Defining personnel needs
    • Job analysis and objectives, the level in the organisation and contract type
    • Sourcing talent with the right knowledge, skills and behaviours
    • Short listing, interviewing and assessing candidates
    • Offers of employment and company policies
    • Employee handbooks and regular updates
  • Performance and Development

    • Designing and implementing reward strategies
    • Keeping staff motivated and monitoring motivation levels
    • Team working and communication
    • Managing performance/coaching/appraisal
    • Identifying training and development needs
    • Dealing with “problem” situations and when things go wrong e.g.
    • Short and long term sickness absence
    • Misconduct/Behaviour
    • Capability/Performance
  • Transition

    • Voluntary leavers – planned or unplanned resignation or retirement
    • Involuntary leavers – dismissal or redundancy

We can compliment our HR Services, with independent, unbiased and confidential Surveys/Opinion Polls of your employees. This adds a layer of data that provides a better understanding of employee thoughts and feelings about the organisation and its leadership.

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