Interim Management

A flexible solution for Scientific Sales and Marketing

  • Interim Managers with Proven Track Records

    Insight Personnel has access to a range of Interim Managers with proven track records in Sales and/or Marketing. They have all held senior management level positions in the scientific instrumentation and laboratory technologies space which means they offer transferable skills and a vast amount of relevant experience. They can be contracted at short notice to work on specific projects or to fill gaps that appear in your management structure.

    Why Use an Interim Manager?

    • Cost – When you hire an Interim Manager, you don’t need to pay holiday pay, pension contributions, bonuses, NI contributions, death in service or medical benefits and there’s no company car to finance.
    • Availability – Suitable Interim’s can be found at short notice.
    • Objectivity – A fresh pair of eyes, no hidden agendas, no history, just plain talking, saying what needs to be said.
    • Experience – Insight Personnel works only in the scientific instrumentation and laboratory technologies markets and all our Interim’s come from the same space.
    • Results – Using their experience to gain quick wins and focus on getting things done.

    When to Use an Interim Manager?

    • Gap Management – A set of circumstances where progress needs to be maintained, but a key resource is lost or is not available. Restructure, promotion, retirement, dismissal, maternity leave, secondment, health related leave and resignation can all lead to a resource gap.
    • Project Management – It may be to help the client company through a difficult period or to drive a particular project where the necessary knowledge and skills are in short supply.
  • Intermin Management

Interim Managers can be a very flexible solution to a variety of issues and needs. They avoid the costs of permanent contracts, are generally less expensive than management consultants and provide experience that is directly relevant to your business.

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