DISC Personality Profiling

The DISC Personality System is the world’s leading behavioural assessment tool, taken by millions of people every year. It’s a very simple yet powerful four-quadrant framework used to illustrate the ways in which people tend to behave and communicate.

The system centres on four different behavioural traits: Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Compliance. These styles are not black or white. We all have a blend of these traits, of varying intensity within our personality, and it’s that unique combination which creates the DISC Personality System.

Some of the key benefits of DISC in a business setting include;

Leadership Development – By training leaders in behavioural awareness, effective leadership can be achieved. This includes leaders working to their strengths and to the strengths of those on their team, understanding what motivates others, improving communication.

Team Building – By understanding the styles of each person in a team, communication can be improved, which leads to improved morale, productivity, information sharing and efficiency in projects.

Hiring & Talent Management – The DISC System can be a powerful and helpful tool when hiring the right person for your job vacancy. It is used as part of the recruitment process and can suggest how an individual might go about the job, how they could work as part of a team, how they may approach challenges. Helping you select an individual who has the personality to succeed in a position, gaining an insight into the management style they may respond to, understanding the potential best environment for them to work in will help increase the chances of a successful hire and decrease staff turnover.