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Finding leaders for the laboratory technologies space

  • Using Executive Search to Fill Leadership Roles

    Finding the right people with the right knowledge, skills and behaviour continues to be one of the greatest challenges for business. In the scientific instrumentation and laboratory technologies space, the challenge is even greater as the talent pool is relatively small and highly specialised. Furthermore, the best candidates are not interested in a new job. They are generally happy where they are and excelling in their current role. They’re looking for excellent opportunities that offer Career Development and it’s this that makes the best people more discerning and more difficult to engage in the recruitment process.

    So there will be occasions when only a ‘deep dive’ into this candidate pool will reveal the very best candidates, particularly for more senior positions and where the required skill set is particularly difficult to find.

    This is when Executive Search becomes the preferred approach and offers a range of benefits;

  • Executive Search
  • Optimum outcome for client and candidate
  • Monitoring of industry trends and movements of key personnel
  • Search the open market for passive candidates. Those delivering exceptional results in their current position and interested in career development
  • Advertising of the vacancy, database searches, knowledge of the market and the movers
  • Targeting people and organisations
  • Candidate exclusivity and fully engaged in the process
  • When candidate says “yes” they mean it – minimal risk of counter offer
  • Given priority over other recruitment projects

As a solutions led provider, we can customise the Executive Search process to meet your needs, but generally it will involve the following steps;

  • Fees are agreed and paid in 3 instalments; the first on initiation of the project, the second at interview and finally the third, as the successful candidate joins the client company.
  • We take a detailed brief – understand the corporate culture and the requirements of the role, the required performance specification and person specification.
  • Identify potential organisations and people – Review with the client adding and deleting where necessary.
  • We carry out due diligence to get bios, references, opinions – Review with the client.
  • First approach to gauge interest in a career move.
  • Second approach to drill deeper and confirm suitability.
  • Face to face interview to further evaluate and assess suitability for and interest in the role.
  • 1st round interview and or testing.
  • 2nd round interview and meet colleagues.
  • Offer and sign off.

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