EMBL and Leica Announce Collaboration

The European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) and Leica Microsystems have announced an agreement regarding the development of new imaging technologies based on the principles of Open Innovation. The collaboration is expected to bridge the gap between technology development and commercialisation. The new imaging center at the EMBL, scheduled to open in mid-2021, will provide a place for collaborative research and technology development between product engineers from Leica Microsystems and scientists from all over the world.

Jan Ellenberg, head of the new imaging centre at EMBL said, “We are looking forward to bringing exciting new imaging technologies to researchers quickly, and to improving them further by exposing them early to cutting edge research questions. I hope that such an open innovation model will also be used by our other industrial partners in the EMBL Imaging Centre in the future.”

The framework agreement is designed to further strengthen the link between state-of-the-art microscopy technologies and the forefront of scientific research.

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