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    Bruker Acquires Alicona Imaging

    Bruker Corporation has signed an agreement to purchase 100% of the shares of Alicona Imaging GmbH, a leading provider of optical-based metrology products based in Graz, Austria. The Company said that Alicona’s optical 3D metrology products are a perfect complement to Bruker’s microCT, stylus profiler, white-light interferometry and atomic force microscope (AFM) product suite. The combined […]

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    Bruker Acquires JPK

    Bruker Corporation has announced that it has acquired JPK Instruments of Berlin, Germany. JPK provides microscopy instrumentation for biomolecular and cellular imaging, as well as force measurements on single molecules, cells and tissues. JPK adds in-depth expertise in live-cell imaging, cellular mechanics, adhesion, and molecular force measurements, optical trapping, and biological stimulus-response characterization to Bruker. […]

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    Bruker Acquires Anasys Instruments

    Bruker has announced that it has acquired the privately held Anasys Instruments, headquartered in Santa Barbara, California. Anasys is a market leader in the field of photothermal IR spectroscopy from the nanoscale to the sub-micron and macro scale. They offer innovative products and solutions that measure spatially varying physical and chemical properties with nanoscale spatial resolution […]

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    Bruker Acquires German Company IRM2

    Bruker has announced that it has acquired IRM2, a developer of high-speed infrared (IR) imaging microscopes based on quantum cascade laser (QCL) technology. Innovative, fast QCL microscopy expands Bruker’s technology portfolio and market opportunities for infrared microscopy, with applications in biological tissue analysis and materials science, and future potential in tissue diagnostics. Financial details of […]

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    Bruker Reports Results for Q3 2017

    Bruker Reports Results for Q3 2017 Yesterday Bruker Corporation reported their financial results for the period ending September 30th 2017. Revenues were ahead of the same period last year at $435.6 million, a 10.6% increase. The organic revenue growth was only 3.4% as the rest of the revenue increase is attributable to acquisitions (4.8%) and […]

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    Bruker Acquires XGLab

    Bruker today announced that it has acquired XGLab S.r.l., a company that develops and manufactures analytical instruments for applications in the field of X-Ray spectrometry and imaging, as well as advanced electronics for X-Ray and Gamma radiation detection.  Financial details of the transaction were not disclosed. Read on …

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    Bruker acquires Luxendo

    Bruker today announced that it has acquired Luxendo, a privately held spin-off of the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL). Headquartered in Heidelberg, Germany, Luxendo was founded in September 2015. The company develops and manufactures proprietary light-sheet fluorescence microscopy instruments. Luxendo’s proprietary single plane illumination microscopy (SPIM) technique significantly reduces sampling times over conventional laser scanning confocal microscopes, […]

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    Bruker Announces Acquisition of Hysitron Inc.

    Bruker today announced that it has acquired Hysitron, Inc., a technology leader in the development, manufacture, and sale of nanomechanical test instrumentation. The acquisition adds Hysitron’s innovative nanomechanical testing instruments to Bruker’s existing portfolio of atomic force microscopes (AFMs), surface profilometers, and tribology and mechanical testing systems, significantly enhancing Bruker’s leadership position in nanomaterials research […]

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    Bruker Acquires Active Spectrum Inc.

    Bruker Corp. has today announced the acquisition of Active Spectrum Inc., a company based in Foster City, California. Active Spectrum has developed and manufactures what they describe as an innovative  bench top micro-ESR (Electron Spin Resonance) spectroscopy system. This product range will compliment Bruker’s own ESR products which serve the high-end, research market and will […]

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    Bruker Reports Financial Results for Q1 2015

      Bruker Corporation (NASDAQ: BRKR) today reported financial results for its first quarter ended March 31, 2015. Bruker’s revenues for the first quarter of 2015 were $353.5 million, a decline of 16.6 percent compared to the first quarter of 2014. Excluding a 2.6 percent net negative effect from acquisitions & divestitures, and an 11.0 percent negative effect […]

  • Bruker Reports Q2 2013 Results

      Revenues for the second quarter of 2013 grew by 8.1 percent to $454.9 million, compared to$420.7 million in the second quarter of 2012. Excluding a 0.8 percent negative effect from changes in foreign exchange rates and a 0.6 percent net negative effect from acquisitions and divestitures, Bruker generated organic revenue growth of 9.5 percent in the second quarter […]

  • Bruker Reports Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2012 Results

    Revenues for the fourth quarter 2012 grew 8.9 percent to $517.3 million from $475.1 million in Q4 2011. Excluding a 2.1 percent negative effect from changes in foreign exchange rates and a 0.8 percent net contribution from acquisitions and divestitures, Bruker generated year-over-year organic revenue growth of approximately 10.2 percent in the fourth quarter of 2012. More…